Today Josh and I celebrated the third anniversary of our marriage!!! I mean, I don´t normally use soooo many exclamation points, but in this case one for each year seems appropriate. We kept it pretty simple and stuck to dinner and a movie since we technically celebrated last weekend by taking a trip to California. This morning I woke up early intending to surprise Josh with breakfast in bed, only to discover that he had gotten up three minutes earlier to make me breakfast in bed- so we made breakfast together and ate at the table, ha! I feel like that sums up year number three: less element of surprise perhaps, but more unity of purpose and more striving to think of the needs of our spouse more than our own.

In honor of three whole years of “aguantando[nos] mutuamente” as my cousin Carol put it, I decided to post some photos of us taken by Beka from Lowe Photos last December since they aren’t housed anywhere else and I love them. Feliz aniversario, guapo. I love you now and into the eternities.

VanessaJosh 2012-071



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