pa’ gente buena Chihuahua

Hello, people of my blog! In what is turning out to be a never-ending recap, today’s post brings you Holidays 2012: New Year’s Eve. At this rate, I’ll be writing about our Christmas vacation until next Christmas vacation.

Well, so, Josh had never been to Chihuahua (city) before. Ok, technically he had been once, but it was for my Abita’s funeral (my abuela Carolina, for those not in the know) a couple of years ago, and it was a very sad trip which I’m not counting. So, never. I know! The shame! We’ve been married for almost three years and we dated for two years before that! Alas, our trips to Mexico are usually pretty short, so we’d never made the time for the extra six hour trip (three hours each way). However, Chihuahua is where I spent a large amount of my childhood, between Christmas, Semana Santa, summer vacation and assorted weekend visits to my grandmother and family who lived there, and it just felt wrong that I’d never taken Josh.

So we went for New Year’s.

We still had to do the Cliffs notes version of a tour, but now I can sleep happy knowing that Josh has walked and slept in the same apartments that harbored my love for city living.

We spent December 31st eating and walking in el centro, and then we ended 2012 in the best way possible: eating and dancing with as much family as we could gather. And as we counted down to midnight, I looked around the table at all the gente “valiente, noble y leal” that surrounded me, and couldn’t help but agree with Pedro de Lille*: ¡que bonito es Chihuahua!

chihuas navidad

a picture that flattes no one


NYE 2012

the dancers; a rather unfortunate shot of my parents, but doesn´t Josh look dashing with that hat?

the dancers; a rather unfortunate shot of my parents, but doesn´t Josh look dashing with that hat?

*Pedro de Lille wrote the “Corrido de Chihuahua,” a song about how awesome the state of Chihuahua is. I’ve been referencing it throughout this post.

campana sobre campana

Esta Navidad pudimos ir a México a estar con mi familia. Claro que cuando yo digo familia, es familia al estilo Mexicano, osea toooooda la familia: tíos, primos, abuelos y hasta perros. Hay tantas cosas que se podrían escribir acerca de lo bonito que fue pasar las fiestas todos juntos, veinti-tantas personas en una sola casa como siempre (sólo que un poco mas apretadas este año que todos estamos grandes y con la llegada de nuevos “primos-cuñados” y mi pequeña “sobrhija”).

Sin embargo, estoy casi segura que en estos momentos nadie lee mi blog mas que los miembros de mi familia (de hecho creo que ni ellos), y en ese caso todo mundo ya sabe lo felices que fuimos asi que no hay necesidad de publicar cada detalle en este gran internet.

Familia Rico, los quiero! Como nos escribió mi prima Caren que a la distancia celebró con nosotros, “…algunos dicen que la familia no se escoge, pero yo se que, o la escogi yo, o la escogio Dios (mas bien) porque fue una decision perfecta.”

JV bw xmas

IMG_3054  EV and MItch



vic bw

las luces me inspiran

You know how when you have a journal and you don’t write for a while, you feel like you can’t write any of the new stuff until you catch your journal/imagined future reader up on the old stuff? That’s how I feel right now. It’s also the reason I’m lousy at keeping a journal.

This blog isn’t really meant to be a record of my activities, but at the same time there are manyyyyy moments from the past month that I want to remember. Also, there are all those pictures I took to put on ye olde blog, so I feel obligated to post them. Otherwise what am I going to do with a picture of my hand holding the 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve (yep), for example?

So! Without further ado! The first of my three (approx.) back-posts! I hereby present our trip to that apple-est of my eyes, NYC (see what I did there?). I wrote extensively about this on my cousin Kristy’s blog, so for more words and fewer blurry images, go here. Otherwise, please to enjoy an uncalled-for amount of pictures of us frolicking in the city (we frolicked in Jersey City, too, but I don´t think I took any pictures).

My first tiiiiime!

My first tiiiiime!

Rockefeller Center - que lindura

Rockefeller Center is so gorgeous

At the Highline

At the Highline

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Isn´t she lovely


En honor a sus treinta inviernos cumplidos hoy, también le quiero desear a mi esposo feliz cumpleaños. Josh, eres un esposo inigualable y me siento tan afortunada de pasar mis días a tu lado. Gracias por todos los “instantes mágicos” de tu año número 29, y espero que en este año que tenemos por delante podamos crear mil mas. ¡Que viva el santo!