una chiquita, rosa, rosita

Oh, hello hello hello! I left this blog on such a cliffhanger! I’m sure you’re wondering if I ever had that baby or if I am, in fact, 3 million weeks pregnant. Leila_bday_8I did have that baby! Here we all are a little over one year ago, all puffy and sleep deprived because the little thing decided to be born at 4:09 in the morning, which meant that I went into labor just after I’d taken off my makeup and put on my pajamas at 10:30 at night. Just looking at this picture makes me feel very, very tired.

Anyway, so I had a baby, and it turned out to be a girl baby!! As I was 99.9% convinced it was a boy baby, this was a shock. The most delightful shock! There she was, all pink and gold and looking like sunshine with limbs. She even smelled pink! Leila_bday_10Maybe someday I’ll publish her birth story, but basically it was an unmedicated birth (which I really, really wanted), my mom and Josh were both in the room with me, and she was born several days after her due date. A side note to say that when you’re very, very pregnant and your mom has to go back to work the next week, “a few days” becomes an incomprehensible amount of days as you’ve suddenly lost the ability to count past the number one.

I still haven’t decided quite what to do about this child, blog-wise. I have a friend that won’t even publish pictures of her baby on Facebook so as to keep her “electronic footprint light.” The best I’ve been able to come up with is not using her name, so for now she’ll be Lola, which is one of a long list of nicknames she’s acquired in her short life.Leila_2_wks_famAnyway, so then I had a newborn, which, when you’ve never had one, can really give your life a swirl as it turns out. Then, after a long, delightful, sometimes brutal maternity leave, I went back to work. Even though it was the best work schedule known to man (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, working from home half the time for a while and then just on Wednesdays), I still didn’t really want to be on the computer when I wasn’t working so as to treasure each moment with my baby, etc. Leila_2_wksNow, with a year of motherhood under my belt and a delightful baby-toddler who says things like “amen” and “épale” and can resist the urge to stick absolutely every gross thing on the floor in her mouth, I feel tentatively ready to resume blog activities. Maybe. See you soon (I hope)!