¡hola! + en Europa: London




¡¡Holaaaa!! So it’s been a while! My life was consumed with work + writing my thesis but guess what?! I’M FREEEEE!! My thesis defense was November 19, and between then and now I’ve been very busy getting reacquainted with the world and remembering how to be sociable instead of cuddling up with my laptop for seven hours every day after work. Huzzah!

On another note: so, when I was an undergrad at BYU I did study abroad in Paris. Oh, Paris changed my life. It was the city that taught me so many useful life skills, including how to use a subway… and a map. Anyway, living there for a semester only intensified my Paris-love, and I had always wanted to go back with Josh. So a couple of years ago, when I started my MA program, we began saving and planning so that we could go to a few European cities (including Paris) as my graduation present. Despite some setbacks with scheduling (here’s a tip, don’t ever plan a two week vacation while you’re trying to finish your thesis), we went at the end of October and it was amazing. Of course I feel obligated to blog lots and lots of pictures for posterity, though hopefully not toooo many.

So, first stop: London. Because I was kinda crazy pre-trip, what with trying to plan it all and write the thesis and work full time and etc., I decided that spending lots of time in London wasn’t that important to me (?). I don’t remember exactly what my reasoning was but I blame it all on sleep deprivation. Josh convinced me that we should at least SEE it, so we were there for exactly one day. Ha!

As it turned out, our friends Mike and Kayla had just moved to London about three weeks before we got there and were able to meet up with us for the day. We left Phoenix at 1pm on Friday, arrived in London at about 9am on Saturday, and didn’t get to sleep until 10pm that night, so we were really dragging towards the end (especially me). However, with Kayla’s New York walking pace we managed to see most of the important sights, at least from the outside.

Lesson learned: next time, I vow to dedicate more than 24 hours to this lovely city.