un voto azul


On November 6, 2012, I came home from work to find a small brown package wedged under our doormat. It was addressed to me, but I couldn’t remember ordering anything. Distractedly, I opened it as I pondered what to have for dinner before I went on my run. Josh was working late due to the election coverage, so it was just me for the evening.

I opened the package to find “Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond,” the book about Lilly Ledbetter’s fight for equal rights in the workplace.

“Did you order a book for me??” I texted Josh.

“Maybe…” he texted back, “I wanted you to have it today.”

Over the next few hours, I forgot all about my run (although I did NOT forget about dinner, please, let’s keep our priorities straight here). As the hours wore on and the votes were tallied I read page after page of my new book, shutting down Facebook and refusing to turn on the news (sorry Josh) as I took in the 262 pages of Lilly Ledbetter’s story.

So when, at 9:40 pm, I finished my book, closed it, and went to check my phone for the first time in a couple of hours, it seemed only fitting to see Josh’s exultant text: “Obama wins!!”

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act was the very first bill President Obama signed on January 29, 2009. As a woman, a transnational migrant, and a (dual) citizen of the United States, I am so happy to have given him the chance to continue to do the work that he started.

vestidos de seda

The other day when Josh came home from work I was wearing (what I insist are) pink pants (they might be red, who knows). Josh took one look at me and made a beeline for the closet. He emerged with an armful of clothes.

“Put these on real quick,” he said, offering them to me.

I did so with only minor resistance (“I feel like you’re about to make fun of me, somehow”) and was amply, amply rewarded. After making sure my outfit was perfect, Josh gave a small nod of approval and then turned his phone so I could see it: Image(Michael Jackson and I sharing an outfit AND a moment, in case that wasn’t clear.)

Being married to Josh is awesome.


A mi la verdad me da igual Halloween. Claro que eso no quiere decir que no aproveche la oportunidad de disfrazarme y si, hay que decirlo, obligar a Josh a que se disfrace el también. Este año sólo teníamos planeado reciclar nuestros disfraces del año pasado. Sin embargo, el viernes pasado vi una oportunidad que no pude dejar pasar: decidimos ir a bailar con unos amigos y el antro estaba anunciando concurso de disfraces.

Batallé un poquito para decidir de que se debería vestir Josh (aunque para mi se me ocurrieron 20 disfraces, y ¿eso que querrá decir de mi?). Queria encontrar disfraces interesantes pero no muy exagerados, porque no quería llegar a hacer el ridiculo con un super disfraz y que nadie mas estuviera disfrazado. Por fin se me ocurrió algo bueno, y pensé que si nos veíamos en necesidad podíamos pretender que habíamos llegado al antro directo del trabajo y que no nos había dado tiempo de irnos a cambiar.

ImageClark Kent y Lois Lane

Y ¿que creen? !Nos ganamos $50 por tener los mejores disfraces! Claro que de haber sabido que íbamos a tener que pasar en frente de todo mundo a que nos recortaran nunca me hubiera disfrazado… pero bueno, ganamos “best couple,” y con el dinero nos alcanzó para pagar no sólo la entrada del antro sino también el desayuno pos-bailada en IHOP.

Creo que Halloween está haciendo méritos, pero no te preocupes Navidad, tu siempre serás mi consentido. 🙂