Maria, M.S.






No words today really, because posting these pictures took me long enough and I have 183738292 hours of transcribing to do for my thesis, but I decided that it’s very important that my sister-in-law’s graduation (from Columbia!) (she’s a genius!) is properly commemorated. 🙂 Also, I was missing New York this morning (or maybe I was just missing being on vacation…).

Maria, we’re so proud of you and we love you!

And with that, off to my transcriptions I shuffle.

la taza de té



If you read my cousin Kristy’s blog (which you should!), you know that she’s getting married in a couple of months. Because we were going to be in New York for my sister-in-law Maria’s graduation from Columbia, I decided to throw Kristy a little shower slash tea party. It happened to be a drizzly Saturday on the Upper East Side, so a cup (or four) of tea was just perfect. I don’t have too many pictures because firstly, I’m THE WORST at documenting stuff and secondly, I don’t want to put pictures of people on the internet without their permission. Just know that Alice’s Tea Cup is adorable, Kristy’s friends are adorable, and obviously Kristy herself is suuuuper adorable.

Congratulations, baby! You will make the loveliest bride.

P.S. Thank you Stephanie for the gorgeous picture of peonies I used (with permission!) for the invitation.