Mama and me 2013So my mom came to visit last week. She stayed for six days and we did all of the usual things: got a pedicure, went shopping (she procured a fabulous dress to wear to my brother’s graduation in July but I, sadly, did not), went to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa temple, and stuffed ourselves with ALL OF THE FOOD. I loved having someone to pal around with all day and it was pretty much wonderful.

But then she left, and all of a sudden, things were terrible! I was lonely! Food was no fun with nobody here to invent strange and delicious combinations, and there was nobody who would spontaneously decide that we NEEDED a root beer float, immediately right now! I had piles of work to do and no motivation to do any of it! It was getting to be altogether too much.

So after a couple of days of moping around and generally being very unproductive, I decided that this was no time to be stoic and pulled out the big guns: the Nora Ephron guns. 1/4 of the way through Sleepless in Seattle, I began to feel a tiny bit better.

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, what women are looking for: pecs and a cute butt.”
“What, you mean like, ‘He has the cutest butt?'”
“Where did I hear that recently?”

You should also know that I have Dance with Me ready to play at a moment’s notice, so don’t be too concerned.

“He can pick me up any time he wants to.”
“Take a number, sister.”

I mean, if 1990’s Chayanne and Vanessa Williams don’t cheer you up, nothing will.



Blossoms-3.14Well, hello there! So… I disappeared right after I resolved to post more frequently… my bad. It’s just been an odd and fast few months since I was last here. I mean, we did stuff and went places—I even took pictures!—but for whatever reason I never made it back to this space. I think the main problem was the uncertainty I felt, in January and February in particular. We were anticipating some life changes, but couldn’t really control what was going to happen or when.

To be perfectly honest, it still kind of feels that way. We did decide to renew our lease on our apartment, which means that by the end of this lease we’ll have lived here three times as long as we’ve ever lived anywhere else, hooray! However, both Josh and I started new jobs (and during the transition I’m working two jobs; I’ve realized I can’t complain about not having enough free time, because at this point it’s met by responses like “you do this to yourself, friend” and “well, whose fault is that?” (um… mine. oops.)). The new job makes me happy, but also crazy, and all of the quality time I’ve been spending on my computer definitely isn’t translating to time on MY blog. So there’s that.

Just imagine, as you do with all bloggers, that in my bloggy breaks I’m busy being happy, being afraid, being in love, fighting, redecorating my house, hanging out with Josh and learning. This will make me feel ok about the fact that the images I share here and, especially, what I write here, constitute a very small, very edited piece of my life- partly because I don’t have time for more and partly, let’s be real, because apparently I only blog when I feel 100% on top of life. Ha!

Of course it hasn’t all been uncertainty and stress, not even close. Helloooo, it was winter in Phoenix, which means citrus, sunny days, desert flowers and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous weather. Now that we’re officially into spring, allow me to unload my camera for a minute in the spirit of spring cleaning, with (as always) the best of intentions to show up here more often. 🙂

Tombstone^^^We finally made it to Tombstone, AZ! ^^^

It's all fun and games until you turn into a hostage situation.

It’s all fun and games until you turn into a hostage situation.

We also went to visit my parents to run in a charity 5k my mom organized with her students, and were lucky enough to catch the peach blossoms. We coordinated well enough that all seven of us were able to be there on the same weekend, which was pretty awesome indeed. (I can’t figure out a way to write that so it doesn’t make it seem like there are seven kids– no. Only five of us including spouses!).

We’re accidentally developing a little collection of pictures in this exact same pose.

Probably my favorite recent picture, because Sebastián Rulli. :)

Probably my favorite recent picture, because Sebastián Rulli. 🙂


They are so wonderfully photogenic