mes que te “fuites”*

I’ve had the following introduction to a post in my head for a month: “My days lately have been full and good.” So full and good that I haven’t had a minute to write about them, apparently. Alas. Of course, now that I’m in the middle of finals week is the time I decide to post something because my powers of procrastination are truly astounding. And now! The past month, summarized in three pictures and some words!

Thanksgiving: mama and dad came to visit and we only got one blurry picture of 5/7 of the family! Better luck next time?

Foto Carol

Then, they left and I was so sad that I decided the only thing that could possibly make me feel better was to put up the Christmas tree, so we did. This took approximately 12 minutes and 35 seconds, even though we tried really hard to drag it out as much as possible.

Josh poniendo el arbol

Apparently it was still enough to exhaust the man though:

christmas is tiring

The end.

*Title is from a joke my mom tells, and part of the punchline is “mes que te fuites, mes que vinites… ‘ta cabal!”