la mujer trabajadora

Dicen por ahí que la vida es larga y da muchas vueltas. Remember that job I wrote about? The really awesome one that I turned down? Well when I said that summer vacation doesn’t last, “tenía la boca llena de razón” as my friend Marisol would say.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the owner of the company/bosslady of said awesome job, and long story short, we worked things out and I took it after all! There were compromises on both sides. I’m working more hours than I was before, but still only 3 days in-office + another from home. It is still a longer commute than my old job, but I’ve wiggled my schedule around to mostly miss rush hour traffic which means I can be home by 5 in the afternoons.

Buuuut the job itself is fantastic and fun, and we found the best, best nanny in the whole world (I used to be her Sunday School teacher!).

I’ve been working for a couple of weeks now, and at first- I will admit- it was a rough transition. I missed spending lots and lots (and lots) of hours with my little besty-pal baby, and the traffic situation had me down.

But now in week three, I love it! My cousin Kristy sent over this awesome article and it hit home very, very much.

“While many find themselves content and happy in that role [of motherhood] alone, I felt as if there was this future me slowly slipping away from my fingertips. I had this untapped me, full of a new kind of love and different sense of wealth, and it felt unfair to leave that woman unexplored.”

Amen and amen.