y en las noches del otoƱo reverdecen

I’m one of those people that talks about the weather. This even though there hasn’t been much to say for the past few months except “it’s HOT,” usually accompanied by some sort of fanning motion that does absolutely no good whatsoever.

Saturday morning, though, I woke up and I knew. All the scorching summer long, we patiently reverse-hibernated in the blast of our air conditioner and we waited. I tried not to wish away those long summer months because even then I could tell that those times, they were so good to our little family of two. Besides, after summer come the holidays (side note: I pretty much always have a ready countdown in the back of my head re: Christmas [9 weeks!]), and the holidays always seem to come barreling on and through without any help speeding them away.

Still, there came a point in September where the light began to cool, just a little, and we lost interest in our evening swims. The rest of the world seemed to be doing fall right, in sweaters and pumpkin meals and leaves, but still we waited. I mean, if there’s one thing to learn about Arizona, it’s that this state always does things on its own terms, you know?

And so it came to pass that on Saturday, when we awoke to the vaguest chill from our open window, we knew: it was time for our inaugural bike ride of the not-summer. For 5 months, my bike had languished captive on our balcony (just mine- thanks for that, thieves who stole Josh’s brand-new bike in May) (sad face) (also, very mad face), but after a quick dust-off and a wobbly re-acquaintance we were all caught up.

And oh! Saturday’s bike ride was worth the hot, dry months of waiting. Thanks to a neighborhood yard sale, we rode the palm-tree-lined streets of the Willo historic neighborhood in the company of our neighbors on bikes, in strollers, walking and jogging. The bright morning sunshine was tempered by what could ALMOST be described as a cool breeze and friends, it was glorious. It was a morning full of the promise of many bike rides and evening walks and the world’s longest and best fall which melts right into spring and skips winter entirely.

All of this to say, welcome, gorgeous weather! I’m so happy you’re finally here.

a la casa, calabaza

Yesterday, it FINALLY felt like fall in Phoenix. Since moving to this desert almost two years ago, I try not to get too excited about fall because I’ve discovered that the weather here is a fickle friend: lovely and 75 degrees one day, and then right back up to 97 degrees for the rest of the week. Still, when I saw these adorable mini-pumpkins at Trader Joe’s, I had to grab some. Plus, this is about my speed of fall decorating. Ha!

In other news, this morning bright and early I went with a friend to the Nordstrom trade show, which I had never heard of before. Somehow I ended up at the Chanel counter getting my makeup did. I’m not really sure about the specifics, it’s all sort of a blur now. After it was all said and done (and I discovered how much the stuff I’m wearing from hairline to jaw is worth), I made an educated guess that this will probably be THE ONLY time my face ever feels so 1%-y. Commemorative blurry photo, check.


Full disclosure: I have never had a blog before now because I’ve always felt like I’m too busy to ever post anything.

I still think I’m too busy.

However, I decided the other day that precisely BECAUSE I feel so busy and overwhelmed, I should probably find a creative outlet, if for nothing else than to hold my “practice” pictures while I try to figure out my camera. I don’t craft, so… I will blog?

You are intrigued already, I can tell!

And now! A gratuitous picture for my first post!