panzona y feliz

Weeks_26_27In this edition of “watch my belly grow” I present: the blurriest, noisiest picture taken to date, and one with the proud papá!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already but we decided not to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. This is generally met with approval by people of my parents’ generation (“That’s how we did it!”) and horror by people of my generation (“But how will you know how to decorate the nursery?!”). What I find most interesting is that the people who tell us that they “could never” do that always follow up with “I’m such a planner, I just could never wait that long.” To which I always want to reply, I know! I’m a big planner, too! Nobody is more surprised than me that I chose to forgo 40+ whole weeks of planning opportunities! Also it makes me wonder if our generation really does plan things more than previous generations, or if that’s just an excuse for indulging in instant gratification?

In any case, maybe the planners have a point, because so far this is what we’ve done to get ready for baby: buy a baby mobile, buy a few books and… uh… that’s it. But we are taking a Hypnobirthing class! So extra points for that, maybe?



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  1. Name suggestions: name the baby after your favorite character in a book or movie (e.g. Cindy Lou Who or Gretchen Weiner or Wishbone). There are so many cultural icons to choose from; you really can’t go wrong.

    All the best,
    A Helpful Blog Reader

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