ningún plato rechazado


Written September 8, 2014

Stages of pregnancy:

1. Weeks 1-15: I don’t want to eat anything. Seriously, don’t even bother with food suggestions because everything sounds terrible all the time, except occasionally soup, which makes total sense because it’s summer in Phoenix and 110 degrees outside. (But no puking! Huzzah!)

2. Weeks 16-?: I MUST EAT EVERYTHING. If I don’t eat something every two hours I will immediately die of hunger; also, since I am the slowest eater in the history of ever, this means that by the time I finish eating something I’m about ready for another snack. I would eat more than I do, but sometimes I stop because I’m literally tired of eating (not necessarily because I’m full). Pre-pregnancy I was not a snacker (3 good meals a day for me, please), so this is totally foreign and as it turns out, oddly time-consuming.

Growing a human is so weird.

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