a la mitad


Oh don’t mind me, just catching up on my baby bump documentation…

I didn’t really start showing until pretty late in my pregnancy, which I guess is normal for a first-timer. I finally popped around the 21st week– one morning I woke up and my belly button was doing something weird (“Creo que mi ombligo está como que al revés!?”) and I had a distinct baby bump. (I know my 19 week picture below looks pretty impressive, but that’s mostly because I was in my tightest dress! You really couldn’t tell I was pregnant in real life unless I wore something super tight until about the 21st week, which is when we announced it on Facebook and etc. and I told everyone at work.)

So now I’m all caught up, 22 weeks and all’s well! Today for the first time I had somebody pat my belly (it wasn’t exactly a stranger, just an older lady at church who gleefully exclaimed, “I finally see a baby in there!”) and… I didn’t hate it? Also last night I had a dressy event for work, and although I had bought a maternity dress online for just such an occasion, it’s still waaaayyy too big and I looked ridiculous. So I spent half an hour trying on basically all of my nicer/cocktail dresses, and finally found one that would zip if I sort of held my breath and stood very straight. Let’s just say that when I got in my car to go home at about 10:30 or 11, the first thing I did was unzip that sucker and rejoice at regaining feeling in my ribs. 😉  Guess it’s time to go shopping!

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