vuela vuela




The “real” bloggers (you know, the professionals) are so good at faithfully chronicling their activities on their blog in a timely manner. I… am not (obviously). In typical fashion, now that everyone else is sharing their Christmas recap, I’m only just getting around to posting these pictures taken at the Arizona Balloon Classic a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to go last year, but we had other plans and couldn’t make it. Happily, this year my in-laws (who were visiting) and Josh were good sports and let me drag them up at zero dark thirty to catch the sunrise launch. A hearty thanks to all the enablers that allow me to feed my hot air balloon obsession.

As far as recaps go, oddly enough, I didn’t take ANY holiday pictures this year—not at Thanksgiving (which we spent in Chihuahua with my parents) and not at Christmas (which we spent in Jersey City with my in-laws)—because we kept forgetting the camera at home. Oops. So! One short graduation recap to come and we shall be perfectly posed to keep that annual resolution: “Blog about things less than one month after they happen.” Wish me luck, y’all.



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