en Europa: Roma




we spent a lot of time looking at maps on this trip.

we spent a lot of time looking at maps on this trip.

Because all roads lead to Rome and stuff, here we are at last, at the end of this very extensive vacation recap. Huzzah! This is kind of how I felt by the time we got to Rome, too; like “Well, it’s been fun, but I’m pretty much ready for it to be the end.” The last time I went to Rome was also in November, but it must have been later in the month because whereas last time it was pretty chill and empty, this time it was PACKED with tourists. This is probably because we were there for All Saints’ Day on November 1st (a national holiday), but I’m positive the unseasonably fabulous weather also contributed.

We visited the Vatican on Ognissanti (All Saints’ Day) knowing it would either be crazy and amazing, or crazy and horrible. I’m happy to report that for us it was the former: we attended mass at Saint Peter’s (I’m not Catholic but I absolutely cried during the procession- so beautiful), and we were exiting the Basilica at the exact moment that Pope Francis, who I love, waved from his apartment window to the huge crowd in St. Peter’s Square! We didn’t see the wave, but the crowd’s reaction was exciting enough.



Our last full day in Rome we went to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, where we once again waited in a long line with many tourists. Worth it, obviously. 🙂 That day, Josh also fulfilled his lifelong dream of getting a shave (ciao, barba!) at a barber shop conveniently located right next to the famous San Crispino’s (which does have the best gelato, in case you were wondering).

The next day we packed our treasures, sighed wistfully as we prepared to give up our diet of French bread, pastries, gelato and pasta, and embarked on the longlonglong flight(s) home (via Newark airport, where we met up with Josh’s family on our layover). Not to idealize twelve days in which we had our share of blisters, stomach aches, and sleep-deprivation-induced grouchiness, but this really was a dream vacation. We feel so blessed and grateful to have gone.


Arrivederci, Roma! Ci vediamo!




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