no tengo sueños, sólo almohadas



A couple of weeks ago, I started having nightmares. After having them every night for a week, I decided something had to be done and began the search for a dream catcher (scoff if you must). I’m pretty sure they’re caused by stress, but I decided it couldn’t hurt to have one, just in case, and as I happen to live in a state with lots of Tribal Nations I knew it was only a matter of time before I came across one. Today was my lucky day: I found this beauty in Jerome, Arizona, which is near Cottonwood, Arizona, which is where a coworker, my boss and I were stranded for an hour today as we waited for the brakes to be replaced on the car we were driving (long story).

One really excellent thing about always having the prospect of moving soon hanging over your head (I can say this from experience, as I’ve moved about once a year since I graduated from high school) is that you really try to take advantage of the cool things to do in the area where you’re living. I know that Josh and I won’t stay in Arizona forever- in fact, we might not even be here next year. In the meantime, I have a running list of quaint little towns that I’ve been to for work and want to go back and explore with Josh: Arcosanti, Sedona, Bisbee, Tombstone and now perhaps I’ll add Jerome to the list.



  1. dear vanessa,
    i like your cactus, i like your writing, i like ‘walden’, and i like that you didn’t buy your dreamcatcher at someplace like anthropologie.

    however, i read this blog post last night & then had a nightmare, which i am blaming–of course–on you!


    • I specifically resisted Anthropologie/other big box stores! It took me two weeks to find one actually produced by an American Indian, too, so thanks for appreciating the effort 🙂

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