bajo este cielo azul

For the past month, I’ve been hearing and reading (blogs, you know) people complain about how aaaaawful January is and how they can’t wait for the month to be over. I always feel vaguely offended by this, because have I mentioned that January is Birthday Month around these parts? Yes, it’s true. Two Capricorns married each other (this means that our fights are especially intense… fun). Also, January is one of the best months to live in Phoenix, and I can’t possibly relate to the complaints of endless snow and ice while we’re happily enjoying 60-70 degree sunny days over here.

Josh’s birthday comes first, and while the first comment people make when they find out his birthday is so close to Christmas is usually something along the lines of “that sucks,” it’s actually really good for this household. You know how when the holidays are over, it feels as though you have nothing to look forward to anymore? Well, immediately having two birthdays spurs us into planning the next celebration(s) and gives us purpose for the rest of the month. This year, one of us had an especially important birthday (let’s just say the age he turned rhymes with “flirty”), and for this big occasion I decided to give the biggest present I could think of.


con el globo


globo en aire y agua



I thought it might cure my obsession with hot air balloons, but it only seems to have exacerbated it.

Other birthday shenanigans included a party at St. Francis with our friends (followed by dancing at our tried-and-true Club Downtown in- you guessed it!- downtown Phoenix) as well as a weekend getaway to Flagstaff. We went chasing the snow and to ski, but unfortunately I spent a lot of time sick in bed. Luckily, we stayed at the most adorable B & B ever, so at least I was convalescing in a gorgeous room with a cozy fireplace, enormous jacuzzi tub, etc. We also managed to get in some skiing, and had quite enough of snow and cold to last us through till next winter (we’re wimpy Zonies now, three days is about all we can handle).

So, farewell January! You’ve been good to me, and (apparently unlike everyone else in the blogging world) I am sad to see you go.


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