las luces me inspiran

You know how when you have a journal and you don’t write for a while, you feel like you can’t write any of the new stuff until you catch your journal/imagined future reader up on the old stuff? That’s how I feel right now. It’s also the reason I’m lousy at keeping a journal.

This blog isn’t really meant to be a record of my activities, but at the same time there are manyyyyy moments from the past month that I want to remember. Also, there are all those pictures I took to put on ye olde blog, so I feel obligated to post them. Otherwise what am I going to do with a picture of my hand holding the 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve (yep), for example?

So! Without further ado! The first of my three (approx.) back-posts! I hereby present our trip to that apple-est of my eyes, NYC (see what I did there?). I wrote extensively about this on my cousin Kristy’s blog, so for more words and fewer blurry images, go here. Otherwise, please to enjoy an uncalled-for amount of pictures of us frolicking in the city (we frolicked in Jersey City, too, but I don´t think I took any pictures).

My first tiiiiime!

My first tiiiiime!

Rockefeller Center - que lindura

Rockefeller Center is so gorgeous

At the Highline

At the Highline

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Isn´t she lovely


En honor a sus treinta inviernos cumplidos hoy, también le quiero desear a mi esposo feliz cumpleaños. Josh, eres un esposo inigualable y me siento tan afortunada de pasar mis días a tu lado. Gracias por todos los “instantes mágicos” de tu año número 29, y espero que en este año que tenemos por delante podamos crear mil mas. ¡Que viva el santo!


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